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You’re looking for breathtaking images that will not only preserve your wedding day, but will evoke memories and emotions for years to come. You want to feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. You want all of your details from your wedding day to be captured; from the excited giggles to your first kiss to the last dance, and we understand that!

We want to create images that will encapsulate how you FELT in those moments so that each time you look at your wedding photos, you are reminded of what YOUR love looks like, and for your images to be a standard of measurement that you can use to see the growth taking place within your marriage!

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I’m Alisha, a wedding and elopement photographer conveniently located between the Pittsburgh & Columbus areas, but willing to travel just about anywhere. (Going international? My passport is always ready for more stamps!) I love meeting new couples, making them feel comfortable and relaxed, and documenting their unique love stories in classic, elegant, and romantic wedding photos.

I also love to equip my couples with some of my favorite marriage resources and ensure that they are prepared, not only for their wedding day, but for the rest of their lives together.  My primary love language is acts of service and I believe that serving my couples through wedding photography is an incredible honor and privilege!

I have been happily married for ten years to my hubby, Ross. We have three children; nine year old girl/boy twins and a seven year old son. (Fun fact: Scientists say that twin moms actually live longer!) I have been documenting weddings for over two years and I look forward to getting to know you more and creating beautiful images of your love story!

Quintessentially Alisha:


I love to travel and am always up for an adventure. (Having a destination wedding? My passport is ready!)

Quintessentially Alisha:


Acts of service is my love language and I love to serve my couples in whatever capacity I am needed in!

Quintessentially Alisha:


Chai tea lattes & coffee are two of my favorite, go-to drinks! What’s in your mug?

Quintessentially Alisha:


Statement earrings are one of my favorite accessories! I love to find fun earrings to dress up any outfit!

Quintessentially Alisha:


Mint chocolate chip ice cream is definitely my favorite ice cream! In fact, my husband and all 3 kiddos love it, too! 

Quintessentially Alisha:


I love a nice, cold Guinness Draught! (Hey, Jason Momoa, let's drink a Guinness together sometime!)

Quintessentially Alisha:


Staying up late - It’s a bad habit, and one that has been hard to break, but I have always been a night owl!

Quintessentially Alisha:


90s music is my favorite genre to listen to! I’m a HUGE fan of Pearl Jam and have seen them in concert over 10 times!

Quintessentially Alisha:


Marvel & DC superhero movies - Call me a nerd, but I absolutely love the Marvel & DC Superheroes!

Quintessentially Alisha:


Grey’s Anatomy, New Girl, NCIS, and all of the NCIS spin-offs are some of my favorite shows to binge watch!

Quintessentially Alisha:


I’m an Enneagram 7 all the way. A few traits of the Enneagram 7 are: being optimistic, flexible, practical, and adventurous!

Quintessentially Alisha:


Total ENFP.  Quirky, curious, creative, and idealistic are just a few of the adjectives that describe me best!

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Our couples are relaxed, fun, down-to-earth, love to travel and try new things, are inspired by classic, simple elements but pay attention to detail, treat others with kindness and respect, and know that their wedding day is only the beginning of their life-long love story.
We believe it is such a gift to connect with couples whose thoughts about love and marriage align with ours.

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